SafeSchool Life App

Safe School initiative aims at developing a platform to record any incidents related to the physical and mental well being of students in school and a workflow to address these with the right competent authority of the school. This would help the school to have an electronic record of the entire case management and would go a long way in improving the safety and security of the students.


Mindful Parenting

We are doing workshops in schools for parents on "Mindful Parenting" 

Our workshop is  focused on

  • How parents can response instead of react.

  • How parents can be mindful on nurturing their child

  • How they can build  a sustainable parent child relationship.

Every Student is Privileged

Support for underprivileged students.

Understand their trauma. Motivate and encourage them and their parents to overcome those.


Education is a shared responsibility between parents and teachers. 

So #ParentsInSchool is an initiative to holistic implementation of parent-teacher collaboration  in schools.


Career Guidance

Right career guidance is essential to take right decision. We can  help a  parent to choose a comfortable board for their child. In addition we can also help a student to decide which competency to build to a get a suitable job.

Cyber Safety Awareness

Story based awareness sessions for kids in different school.

What is a cyber crime ?

Collecting uses cases from the schools.

Guidelines for students,parents and teachers to ensure cyber safety.