Why Gender Stereotypes ?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Everyone has the right to full his/her dreams. Your gender can not be an obstacle to your dreams. Definitely, everyone has roles and responsibilities apart from his/her own dreams but that should not be typecasted.

Women may love to drive a submarine and a man may love to be a nursery teacher.

Those cases should not be the exception. The more we normalize the cases more the society will be equal.

Gender stereotyping is causing serious harm to our society. We generally typecast people as per their gender thus we are limiting their true potentials and dreams. That itself is corruption.

The harmful gender stereotypes have resulted in low self-estimation for girls and reading problems for boys. "As a girl, you should learn to sacrifice" or "boys will be boys" are really toxic words that don't really help someone to grow up with full potentials.

So it's a request to all the parents as well as to the teachers to help a kid to grow up as a human first. It's ok to record their biological identity in the medical reports only.

#gendersereotyping #equality #equity

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