Thinking Super Hero : Story of Suhani Tamanna

Class - VI,Bharat Academy & Sciences

People particularly children have their favorite super heroes like whom they wished to be when they grow up. Some of them even have imaginary super hero.

They often think those thinking super heroes will come and save them from danger.

My real super hero is my mother. Like the heroes we see in television my mother also saves me whenever I am in danger.

She always guides me towards the right path. However not just me whenever anyone around us is in trouble,my mom is there to help.

She manages to handle any tough situation with her presence of mind. Not only the situation but she can also control our temper no matter how angry we are. She always gives priority to our choice by sacrificing her own.

I am blessed to have a supermom like her. She is the most beautiful person in my life.

I wish I would be like my super hero someday in future.

#supermom #thinkingsuperhero

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