Thinking Super Hero : Story of Anurag Hazra

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

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Anurag Hazra, Class-8,Techno India Public School, Kolaghat

When we listen the term "Hero"/"Super hero" at first it creates a character in our mind to whom we follow as our ideal and want to be. In this character we want to see all our unfulfilled desires which are some how not possible in our daily life.

                       There are many types of heroes(such as in myths ,movies and even everyday life heroes).All of them have perseverance when they are going through a conflict . Heroes are the role models and they are people whom we seek for.They all have unique and special qualities that make them different from ordinary people.

            We have a common idea in our daily life that "super hero" means - super powers,saving peoples from villains, or some times small children will say "Chhota Bheem" and "Iron Man" etc. However maximum time people can't observe "super hero" in common people or in their near by. But some has a certain persons they know or have heard of that who have done something special to make difference in the lives of others.

               I believe my way of thinking is different. I have come across some people who posses many admirable qualities. However among them I think my father is my real "Super hero".

He is a man of perfect combination of intelligence,honesty, courage,kindness,patience and sympathy. He is always ready to give up every thing for me and my family as it is his source of happiness and joy. He extends his helping hand for everybody . 

He has taught me to be dutiful, truthful,honest,love and respectful to elders and juniors. He has also taught me to be disciplined . His timely awareness has saved me from doing wrongs and stopped me from deviating from my main path. He has  always helped me to solve various problems in my life. He has  provided me with everything that I want. I can speak my heart out to him.

He is truly  my friend , philosopher and guide in my life. I know that I  am very less in term of my knowledge to judge him then also I can tell with my little intelligence that he is my "SUPER HERO"

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