Think Out Of The Box

It has been observed that too much of exposure to digital screen has made our children more violent. They think fighting is the only way to resolve a problem or make peace. They are too much obsessed by the action super heroes like "Bheem", "Spider Man" or "Motu". We want our children to realize that a hero should first have a positive,rational and creative thinking skill. A real superhero can think out of the box.

This children's day we want to encourage our children to think first before they take any action. So we have started a writing competition called "Thinking Super Hero". The competition is open for all so that we can get some out of the box stories from time when things were really different.

We encourage all of you to participate and get a chance for publishing your story in our website. Send your story to

The best 3 stories will get personalized gift hampers.

Please participate and take your first step to make the world free of violence.

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