Technology Can Never Replace Teachers

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.
-Bill Gates

Think about your school days. Do you remember what you learn in the classroom or your bond with your friends and teachers?

School is not just a place to gain cognitive skills but also social and emotional skills. So the role of teachers is very important here. Their role is not just to teach their subjects but to extract the philosophy from this subject to present a better insight into life to their beloved students.

I still remember my teachers used to scold me if I go to school on a rainy day. They used to care about my health and wellbeing. Well, that is the bond I have with my teacher.

I used to discuss a lot about literature books with my math teacher. Even my physics teacher was a keen literature enthusiast as her father was an eminent writer. So my science teachers never stopped me to learn the real science of life by reading books.

If you think, in this era e-learning, technology can replace teachers then you are wrong.

A teacher only can handhold a student to come out of emotional stress caused due to family.

A teacher can help a student to connect their passion with purpose.

An effective parent-teacher collaboration definitely helps a student to build a sense of trust, a sense of belonging.

They motivate our students each day to learn from life.

During this pandemic, as a parent, I am also learning a lot from my kid's teachers. That is the boon of online learning.

I am grateful that I and my kids can avail of this opportunity. However, I feel sorry for those 321 million students who are not lucky enough to be blessed with online learning. Most of them are first-generation learners. They need the support of the teachers most.

The teacher is not just a role but the name of a relationship too. Technology never can overtake this relation- the purest bond between a teacher and student.

I wish one day everything will be normal again.

I wish our children can be again blessed with the joy of learning

I wish our children can again meet their favorite teachers

I wish our teachers can again ignite their minds with passion, purpose, and principles.

-Sahida Khatun

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