How parent-school collaboration can ensure students safety?

Education is a shared responsibility between school and parents. Healthy collaboration between school and parents can enhance the confidence of our children. It also helps to build the sense of trust and security in our children. Eventually it gets reflected in their academic and social skills.

This women's day I am featuring Voice of Mothers on the Same Note.

Paromita Saha, Parenting Consultant, Mother of a toddler

Paromita Saha

The world has undergone changes over the last few decades where the exposure level of an

individual has increased immensely. This has had both beneficial and adverse effects on society.

Children of various age groups are affected due to this which in turn has affected the techniques of parenting and teaching as well.

In the current scenario both the parents and teachers play a synergistic role in ensuring a proper and safe upbringing for the children. Parent School collaborations should be made compulsory as it has its own advantages in terms of children development and growth. It is both a shared and reciprocal process whereby schools can engage families in a more meaningful and correct way.

This process helps parents take active initiative in supporting their child’s development and safety.Children develop better social skills and learn to be aware of their surrounding this way. They also learn to trust their parents and teachers more in the process and share their problems without hesitation.

Schools should organize conferences and meetings where parents are educated in handling psychological issues of children. Topics can include alcoholism, drug abuse, sex education, sexual harassment, parent child relationship.

Committees should be made where parents can directly access with the school in regards to bus services, uniforms, sports, art and culture activities, etc . This provides them a platform for understanding the soft skills and cognitive skills of their wards and take action accordingly.

This framework of parental engagement in school help all the parties work and learn passionately.Parental engagement has been proved to be beneficial for boosting students learning capacity and also in building confidence in them.

Anwesha Das , Self employed, Mother of A 6 years old

Anwesha with her son.

Transparency between Parent and School is very much required.Healthy parent teacher collaboration can make it possible.

My son was hitted by water bottle and he complained to me. When I talk to the teachers they pretended as if nothing happened. My son is not a frequent complainer. So when he complained, there must be something serious and school should be careful about it.

Schools should also be very careful about spirit of childhood. Too much of discipling spoiling their sense of belonging. This year I am changing my son's school.He was studying in that school for last two years. However my son is not at all feeling bad while leaving the school.

School didn't give him the enough opportunity to make friends.They are not allowed to speak to each other even in school bus. Moreover they are not allowed to share tiffin to each other. Isn't it too suffocating for a child? Isn't it badly affecting our children's mental health ?

There is always a competition even for materialistic things. My son was bullied for carrying same tiffin box for the whole year. I know many of those competitions coming from parents only but still a common forum for parents and teachers is very much required.

In this forum we can talk about the issues and collectively take some measures to ensure both their mental and physical safety.

No doubt discipline should be there but too much of discipline spoils the spirit of childhood. A child is never born with any kind of negativity. They are positive ,spontaneous and kind by nature.
So to create a safe learning environment we must channelize their natural flow of childhood. Natural ways to make friends, natural ways to speak out from heart and finally natural ways to share and help each other.

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