Help Your Child To Enjoy The Simple Things of Life

Successful parenting doesn't mean to gift a lavish lifestyle to your child
Indeed as a parent You will be more successful if your child learns to enjoy simple things in life.

Yes, we should teach our children to extract happiness from simple things in life .

We often feel life will be kingsize only when we have extraordinary technologies in our hands.

We often feel life will be kingsize when we can get everything just by few clicks.

Well, the reality is that this life of a king's size doesn't make you happy.

So as a parent make sure your child enjoys spending quality time with family, helping you in household chores, connecting to nature, playing or chatting with friends, expressing gratitude, and learning new things each day.

These are all very simple things of life but a great investment in creating life long happiness.

These simple things of life are not expensive but we often neglect them due to the modern buzz of consumerism.

Try to make those simple things of life as creative as you can so that your child loves to do it.

For example, reward your child with a handmade postcard for helping you with household chores. Make sure your postcard contains at least one positive affirmation about your child. Now think about the consequences. Every day your child is getting one positive note, handwritten by you. How precious !!! You can expect a magical revolution in their attitude, in their self-confidence.

Remember in this age of showoff it is very hard to stay simple and still be happy.

However, if you cultivate it in your child from early childhood ages, your child will always love to enjoy the simple but very precious parts of our life and feel proud of it.

In my next blogs, I will discuss the benefits every simple thing we do in our day to day life.

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