Heal Trauma With Art Therapy

Have you ever thought of repairing a childhood ? If you discover a child is going through regular violence in home or in school , you should not only work on stopping this but also on healing the trauma.

Investing in repairing child's trauma is much more easy than doing the same for an adult.

A child is drawing with chalk and color in a wooden board.

A traumatic event can badly effect the a child's brain development. It damages the neurons of brain. Exposure to prolonged traumatic experience can have profound and log lasting affects on a child.

Child develop critical problems such as

  • Trouble with relationship

  • Poor Self-Regulation

  • Emotional numbness

  • Negative thinking

  • Loss of interest in life

Best possible way to heal a child is with art.

Art creates a wave in brain which helps to reconnect the damaged neurons brain.

Creative forms of arts like drawing,writing or coloring help a child to express his or her pain.

So when a traumatic child can't really express the trauma with words help him or her to express through art.

Creative expressions can actually help to alter behavior, attitude ,self regulation and thinking process.

Easy way to start healing:

  1. Take the child to quiet and peaceful place.

  2. Give her pen ,paper and colors.

  3. Ask her to draw whatever she wants and then color it.

  4. Make sure the session continue for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  5. Make sure she is enjoying'

  6. Guide her if required but never dictate her.

If helps to reduce stress, depression and pain. It boosts self-confidence and sense of belonging.

Eventually it will help to boost immunity power , better physical and mental health.

Conduct the session regularly. You will notice improvement in behavior, attitude and self confidence for sure.

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