Fathers Should Cry to Help His Son to Cry

Last week I was upset ,ill and disturbed with news of violence against women and children across India. 

We are empowering girls to be independent financially. However we are not realizing that the financial independence is not enough unless we can't provide them a safe place.

The sad part is women are not even safe in their own home.

I though deeply on what we are really missing.One thing is sure that we have misinterpreted

the so called heroism.

A hero doesn't mean to dominate others but to protect and guide others with his/her innovative leadership. So to create a real hero we must work on empowering him/her with life skills.

Since ages it is heroic for men to release their frustrations through aggression. Be it in a movie like "Udaan" or real life, we often get examples of frustrated fathers who express their frustrations by physically assaulting their wives and children. It is high time we empower men as well as boys with some healthy life skills.

So I took the initiative to encourage men to cry. Last Saturday I conducted an workshop at National High School,Kolkata and requested fathers to hug their children and cry whenever they feel frustrated. It is not only good for their own health but also a great way to teach our children that “yes,men can cry”.

I really felt poised after conducting this session.

I request all the fathers to follow the same. Let's together make a huge difference in the upbringing of boys of India.

#NoMoreViolence #MindfulParenting  #ParentsInSchool #LifeSkill #SafeStudents #SafeSchool

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