Everyday millions of students are exposed to physical and sexual abuse, natural and technological disasters, transportation accidents, invasive medical procedures, community violence, peer violence, violence in the home, bullying, parent’s expectation, assault, and terrorism.

Unfortunately, the emotional impact of exposure to trauma on children is often neglected and therefore untreated, and yet the impact of exposures to disaster and violence is profound and long-lasting.

Thus, neglected trauma effects are developing deep suicidal depressions in students. Every hour there is an incident of student suicide in India.


Our objective is to create a open forum to talk about the  required measures to ensure physical,sexual and emotional well being of the students. 

We request students,parents,teachers, trainers,storytellers and counselors to join our forum to build rights tools and preventive and corrective measurements to ensure physical and emotional safety of our students.

Join our hands to build a learning ecosystem with right information,tools,protocols,regulations and guidance.